We are a professional learning community who are teachers by choice. We take pride in what we do. We love interacting with students of all age groups. We consider every session as an opportunity to improve students’ performance. 

Our tutors have vast experience in teaching primary and secondary school Maths, English and Science subjects including year 11 and 12. We align our sessions to the topics that are covered in the school improving your child’s grades. We match our pace with your child’s pace and make the learning more interactive. We follow your child’s school textbooks only and do not provide our own content. The only reason for that is to avoid confusion for your child and hence making the session more effective.

You can opt to record the session so that your child can go through the same session over again if needed. After the end of each term, we provide verbal and written feedback so that you are aware of your child’s progress. 

Last but not the least, our sessions are one to one online only so that your child learns from the comfort of his home. 

” So what are you waiting for?  Interview us to join us! ”