Q.1 How are the sessions conducted?
Sessions are conducted online over a video conferencing tool.

Q.2 How long is the tutoring session for?
Every session is planned to go for an hour. Watch You Tube Video

Q.3 How am I charged for any cancellations?
If you are cancelling until 24hours before the session, we don't charge you. For the same day cancellation, we charge the full fee. For any cancellation happening from our end, we offer a make up class based on your child's availability.

Q.4 Do you record the sessions?
We dont record any sessions unless we have written consent from you.

Q.5 Do you report my child’s progress?
After the end of each term, your child’s progress is discussed face to face with the teacher. In case there is a need, we report your child’s progress as and when required.

Q.6 Do you offer a free trial class?
We offer a free trial class on a case by case basis.

Q.7 How often do I have to pay?
We accept advance payments paid termly through a bank transfer only.

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